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Tone Vigeland

Tone Vigeland Hallmark

Tone Vigeland  (born 1938) trained at the Norwegian National College of Art and Design (NCAD), and was apprenticed to PLUS Designs (Fredrikstad, Norway) from 1959 – 61, when she set up her own workshop. She continued to design for Plus, and the company continued to market all her innovative and successful series throughout the 1960s.  Much of this was exported.
Vigeland’s most famous earrings from this period are called ‘Sling’, they sit around the ear without the help of posts, hooks, screws or clips. In the 60s, Tone Vigeland was very obviously working in the Scandinavian Design tradition. Some of her early works bear witness of a strong influence from the Swedish artist Torun Bülow-Hübe who was working for the Georg Jensen Company in Denmark. Key terms are simple geometric forms, clean surfaces and solutions that are technically straightforward. Silver jewelry was made with stones such as Carnelian, Jade and Amethyst. Long chains and neck rings were made for pendants to be worn in everyday life. Throughout  her career Tone Vigeland has been represented in numerous exhibitions and galleries. Amongst her earliest prestigious contributions were jewellery for the Norwegian exibition at the XII Triennale in Milan 1960, andExpo 67, the Montreal World's Fair in Canada. Tone Vigeland eventually had a major international break-through in 1981, exhibiting in the London gallery 'Electrum' . This was followed by exhibitions in  New York, Tokyo and other major cities. Her career can be characterized by a capability of continuously renewing artistic creativity, by a dialogue among contrasting forms, textures and materials, creating a daring expression. In the 70s and 80s her emphasis moved in the direction of jewellery-making as fine art, and her work can be seen in Applied Arts Museums worldwide, including the  renowned Jewellery Museum in Pforzheim, Germany.

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